astraea type-F snapfit   8 comments

just finished snapfitting this model kit,actually it finished a few week ago,but because of my camera broke I can’t take a proper photo of it untill today.My friends Jessica lend me her great kamera,and this is the result,enjoy.


I really like the model,good job Kanetake Ebikawa and bandai


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another wishlist…duuu oooooh   9 comments

okay…another wishlist from me that i wish bandai release the kit, and that is…..avalanche astraea type F…dash or just avalanche  on 144 scale…

why?astraea type- f is great with all of her weapon,but when it equiped with hs-A01 Avalanche unit…it much more cooler,and not gonna harm your wallet too deep for buying avalanche exia and astrea separated…and i prefer the type f color than the original astraea.

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another wishlist   4 comments

well been busy with my job,and last night i have difficulty too sleep thanks too my wishlist….


i wish bandai release hazel rah second form on hguc

soo plz bandai release this baby on hguc

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new year new wish list   5 comments

Well as the title said,its 2011 now…and there is a mecha that i’m hoping  bandai will realese it on HG 1/144.

That is…gundam sadalsuud type F

I really think this is a really cool mech,so bandai…please release it on HG 1/144…

Well i realize the changes are thin,but bandai amazed me when they realese HG1/144 of gundam astraea type F,avalanche exia and gundam astraea last year,which is i really wanted since i lay my eyes on their NG 1/100.


So please bandai..release it,even the standard sadalsuud will do





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back from vacation   Leave a comment

aaaah im back from vacation

sooo….what,s next for this year

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brush try   6 comments

just trying to make something from the brush i’ve downloaded awhile ago

the brush is from leventep on deviantart,hes very crazy and skilled…if you wanna check his gallery heres the link:

leventep deviantart gallery

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alteisen’s heathorn   5 comments

a stress relieving art….and also i give it for my friend blog…so he can use it for header.

well enjoy


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